Hayes Family Reunion July 18-21, 2013 Little Rock, AR


Hello Family,

I would like to thank all of you that attended the Hayes Family Reunion last weekend, in Little Rock, AR. @ The DoubleTree Hotel, July 18-21, 2013. The Grand Opening of the Addie & Wesley Hayes House to the family was an "Exhilarating Experience". It was the purpose of our Reunion. The History that the Hayes House has must be preserved to show the "Achievements" we as a people have always done.
Our Family Reunion could not have been a success without the help of some of our family members. I would like to acknowledge the following:
a) Mrs. Rose Clark for her dedication to keep our families history updated for the last 10yrs+. Thank you Rose & James. Let's all update our individual family & personal history.
b) Mr. Glen Henry for his dedication to keeping the family history thru his photography & keeping us connected thru the multi media we have to today. Thank you Glenn & family. 10+yrs.
c) Mrs. Nicole Sackey for her dedication to maintaining our family website. Thank you Nicole & Lionel.
d) Mr. Paul Hayes for suggesting the Mosiac Templars Culture Center, where we were able to rectify recent errors in our Hayes Family History. Thank you Mary & Paul.
e) Mrs. Bernetta Powell for her assistance in helping me make telephone calls & sending emails. Thank you John & Bernetta.
f) To all of the committees who have held any of our past family reunions. Thank you.
g) And finally to Mrs. Thelma Hayes for editing my communications to you & making the corrections needed. Thank you "My Lovely Bride".

To Grace Hayes-Blagdon & Alyce Flakes for all of the "ins & outs" of Little Rock. And, Claudette Williams T-shirts, a special thanks for all of the help you gave me with the Hayes Family Reunion 2013 in Little Rock, AR to be the success it was.
Also, a special thank you to Virginia & Wesley Hayes for extending their hospitality & home to us in Dallas, TX for an overnite stay.
In other family news; Lewis Williams my brother-law is doing fine back home in Litchfield Park, AZ., recovering from his heart attack. We got to visit with them on our trip back.

The Baton was passed on to our next reunion committee. They are Bernetta & John Powell of Washington, DC. The Hayes Family Reunion 2015 will be held in our nation's capital. Thank you Bernetta & John for accepting the responsibility of our next reunion. I will assist you in what ever capacity that is needed.

To everyone, please feel free to contact me. I will keep in contact with Grace, so we will continue to monitor the progress of the "Addie & Wesley Hayes House Museum.

That is all I have to say right now. I will talk to you later. See you in Wash. D.C. July 2015.



To: Steve Holcomb, Gen. Mgr. DoubleTree Hotel, LR, AR.
Subject: Emergency Response for Lewis Williams & Exceptional Staff Services
From: Buford S. Hayes Jr., Coordinator, Hayes Family Reunion July 2013 LR, AR

Hello Mr. Holcomb,

The Hayes Family is extremely Grateful & Thankful for the quick response to Mr. Lewis Williams emergency medical condition on Thursday night, July 18th, 2013. Your staff's quick action helped us avoid a family tragedy. Mr. Williams is now home in Litchfield Park, AZ resting & doing very well. My sister Marian Claudette Hayes-Williams is extremely Grateful & Thankful also.

In addition to the emergency medical response. All of your staff were very courteous & professional in every way. I thank all of you, Michele , Kelly, Karen, Clarence & the entire DoubleTree Hotel staff. Mr. Finley's follow up on all details was excellent.

This is our second reunion we have held at your fine hotel. The first was in July of 2003. I will nominate your establishment again for 2017. The reason for the July 2013, was for the Grand Opening of the "Addie & Wesley Hayes House Museum. The Hayes Family will continue to visit LR, AR. to monitor future progress on the Hayes House Museum.